Choosing the place of accommodation during the trip
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Choosing the place of accommodation during the trip

The destination should be chosen according to the status of the participants in the trip, as minors must have their parents’ permission to leave the country and go abroad. In this case, it is necessary to consider the problems of languages (interpreters may be required), regulations and insurance and passports/identity cards. Travel insurance might be necessary too.

In the same way, it will be necessary to choose a place of accommodation close to the sports activities or stadiums in order to optimise transfers and travel. This will allow the team to travel on foot, unless there are facilities that require a specific transfer.

How do you fundraise for a sports team?

In this context, a minibus or coach is a solution that optimises travel management. Driving your own minibus gives you the maximum of freedom. However, this option will bring with it a new set of problems, such as the need for drivers, their remuneration, insurance and also parking problems.

Organising a sports trip in winter

During the winter months, organising a sports trip becomes more complicated. This is due to the fact that special equipment is required to move around, such as chains or snow tyres. Driving a minibus in winter can be tricky! In addition, for sportsmen and women, warm clothing and equipment are required. This includes transport, and during the stay, washing and drying these clothes is an additional task. This is especially true since the weather conditions outside can have an impact on the immune system and the body of the sportsmen and women.

Recommended travel luggage for athletes

In addition to personal belongings, the luggage varies according to the sport practised, and the type of sport has a major influence on this aspect. Indeed, the logistics of transporting a kayak, poles or horses are totally different from those of a set of balls, jerseys or petanque balls. The amount of luggage can be expensive if the team travels by plane (hold luggage). In addition, apart from the equipment, the organiser should also think about training and practice clothes, as well as secondary equipment and cleaning utensils, especially if you are camping with your sports group. And don’t forget the licences! How often does a player forget to take his sports licence and leave it at home? Don’t forget your team jersey, pair of socks, sport shoes or team equipment either. Furthermore, if you have decided to custom your tour shirt, don’t forget it at home or at your office’s suppliers!

In addition to all this, the number of participants must also be taken into account, as the logistics become consequential according to this criterion. The more players there are, the bigger the coach is and the more the transport costs will be.

Choosing the right agency to organise a sports trip

There are many travel agencies, but if possible, it is best to trust a specialist agency. ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours is an expert in this field and can help you with the preparation and organisation of sports trips and courses. Since it was founded in 2005, this agency has been trusted by many sports clubs and institutions to manage their events and trips. The agency has proven experience in organising sports trips, including accommodation and catering. It can therefore be of great help in organising a sports trip. For clubs, schools, academies or colleges, ComeOn Sport has the right eknowledge and over 15-years of experience.

ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours on the front lines

ComeOn Sport ComeOn Tours can organise a multi-sport trip at any time. It can also organise this type of event during school holidays (winter, summer or spring), at weekends or at other times of the year. It can provide support for sports holidays or other sports events, even at the last minute.

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